Monday, January 29, 2007

Berlin......many years after.......

Last Year I was back in Berlin giving a friend the tourist route and taking her around places that I went to when I lived there. The first time I went to Berlin was in Septemeber 1989 with Martin and Terry Adams having a look at some studios as we really had to start recording our follow up album to GOOD DEEDS & DIRTY RAGS. We were actually supposed to go back to Munich where we recorded our fisrt album but our manager couldn't agree money with the German producer so it all fell through at the last minute. We got asked for other ideas and couldnt really think of anything. I think we actually just said' Where would we really like to go?'....someone said Berlin - and off we went!!

At that time Berlin was still split, East and West German were still very much there and the Cold War, although not quite so bad as it was, wasn't exactly over. We trundled around the city looking at some places and eventually found Hansa Ton Studios, just off the Postdamer Platz. It was a great looking old place that was practically right on the Berlin Wall - and we managed to book ii for just over a month, starting in October 89.

So we came back start of October with the rest of the band and had a brilliant month in Berlin.......didn't do as much recording as we should have but had a right good time. Anyway....we kind of knew that there was something going on over in East Berlin but we didn't exactly know what. This was before Sky News, the Internet, BBC News 24 and all that so it was much more difficult then to find out what was going on. We'd been over to East Berlin by then just for a visit and there was police everywhere......lots of suspicious looking Stasi types hanging about on street corners - looking through newspapers with holes in them - all that kind of thing - but we didnt really know all the stuff that was going on re the Exodus of East Germans through Hungary and Czechoslovakia......tbc.....


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Did you know, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie were the first band I ever saw live. It was in Bristol and you were supporting The Primitives - this was quite lucky as coincidentally, it turns out I consider you to be one the great underrated bands. Although I've never been able to physically find any releases after 'Five' much to my general annoyance.

Anyway, I have always wanted to say Thank You Very Much. So... errr... Thank You Very Much.

All the best,



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