Sunday, November 19, 2006

Now we are Married

Martin had written this song a good while before we actually recorded it. We did it after we did the sessions in Hansa Studios that ended up being HAMMER & TONGS - but Radioactive were looking for another single so we went in and did this in REL studios in Edinburgh.

We had actually been a bit sick of the way we had been recording in Berlin, and wanted to just play the song live and have it recorded warts, bad timing and all - but because it would have sounded out of place on Hammer & Tongs we got persuaded otherwise. I think its a great song.....Wasn't great to play - but really like it as a song. I feel that the recording should have been much darker though - more Phil Spector/Jesus & Mary Chain than the way it turned out.

Anyway after doing it as a single Radioactive seemed to lose a bit of confidence in the band and didn't want to make a video for the single. So it ended up that the video that was made for it was actually for a Scottish Television arts programme called NB. WE did it in an old church somewhere in Glasgow and it was freezing. We survived with the help a some hip flasks and the odd bottle of whisky. Although Fin must have been on something stronger as there's a lot of stuff of him half naked in the video.

Was the best laugh I can remember when making a video. Usually they were a boring pain in the arse - but maybe because it was so baltic and we ended up steamin in seemed to go OK!! Also the dressing up was great. You can see that once Shirley got the wedding dress on she couldn't keep the grin off her face and John was taking his ministerial role very seriously.....although I've no idea what the fuck Fin was doing..........